Welcome to Maximum Canopy, one of the fastest-growing vertical farming systems in the cannabis industry. Maximum Canopy cannabis technology is the future of sustainable farming, using innovation and far less (up to 80%) water, land, and resources for a never-ending harvest. Maximum Canopy proprietary LED Growing Lights, Vertigrow Cannabis Racks, and MAXGROW app make indoor, vertical cannabis and medical marijuana farming as productive as possible.

Proprietary LED Growing Lights

Our Propietary LED Lighting System delivers reliable, consistent and programmable LED Grow Lights that allow you to optimize your cannabis crop growth.

Vertigrow Cannabis Racks

Our Vertigrow Cultivation System will multiply your production output while reducing footprint to optimize the efficiency of your cannabis growing operation.

MAXGROW Application

Our MAXGROW growing app allows you to optimize your vertical farm yield by analyzing, controlling and monitoring your cannabis cycles and growth.

Let’s get growing!

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