Invest in Better Growing Technology

The Full Cycle Solution to Vertical Cannabis Growing

Cannabis growing is a thriving industry. No matter what you’re growing or where you’re growing it, you want to be as productive as possible, right?

We help you grow. Not just plants. We help you grow your business. We help you develop an ideal floor plan and growing environment. We deliver a superior product, and then we stand behind it. We answer your questions regarding light spectrum, air quality, CO2, and irrigation. We want you as a happy commercial customer, and as a member of the Maximum Canopy family.

Vertigrow cannabis farm

Movable racks optimize floor space with multiple levels of growing surface.

In the true spirit of vertical farming, MAXIMUM CANOPY creates a sustainable growing environment that’s easily replicated or expanded for a higher volume and consistent yield. Utilizing only one isle, the system is smart, efficient, and productive, And that’s better for growing your cannabis, and better for growing your business.

Our quality control begins with California design and research; US engineering that sets the standards for fit, finish and performance.

You’ll appreciate the MAXIMUM CANOPY quality circulating through your growing rooms and nurturing every healthy, full blossoming plant. Unlike energy-wasting tables with marginal yields, the MAXIMUM CANOPY design is rooted in the science of light and indoor horticulture. New or retrofitting, our customers enjoy an immediate return on investment.

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