Vertigrow Cannabis Racks

Progressive cannabis growers make every square foot count, that’s why they look to Vertigrow.

Take your yield per sq. ft. to the next level with our movable Vertigrown Cannabis Racks. Vertigrown multiplies your overall production output, reduces operating costs, and adds moving isle flexibility for commercial growing needs.

Vertigrow Cannabis Racks:

  • Vertical racks constructed from top-grade galvanized steel (rust free) for years of productive, hassle free vertical growing
  • Movable positioning keeps one isle free, minimizing footprint and maximizing grow space
  • Designed for quick installation of Maximum Canopy proprietary LED growing lights.
  • Twin integrated airflow systems with embedded ultraviolet lights are fitted with HEPA filters for absolute pure, healthy air
  • Thermoformed plant trays provide UV-stability, anti-microbial and fungal resistant qualities
  • Customized top-grade stainless steel wheels to prevent rust and anti-tip for earthquake protection in California
  • Powered with an integrated drainage system heavy-duty water pump with multiple inlets wastewater discharge
Duo vertigrow cannabis racks
  • Modular: start with one tier, add more tiers and more racks as you grow
  • Customizable: fits your floorplan and growing space; custom sizes available
  • Flexible lighting: install your lighting by zone, cycle, tier or rack
  • Rust resistant: won’t rust with watering or sea air
  • Movable: space-saving track design for single row footprint
  • Engineer in US: top-grade materials and finishes for long lasting quality
Perfect medical marijuana leaf.

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