MAXGROW Cannabis App for Optimal Cannabis Farm Control

Available for iPhone and Android

MAXGROW cannabis app is a unique control and monitoring system that provides consistent maximum quality crops year-round. Growers can automate, monitor, and digitize growing environments with MAXGROW readily accessible information to provide precise decisions of plants’ lightning environments.

Multiple Facilities Simultaneously & Automatically

MAXGROW can be easily configured to monitor and control all the growing facilities, and all your Vertigrow operations. MAXGROW is capable of pre-set lighting zones to standardize schedules allowing for fully customizable planning strategies by plant type or cultivate stage.

Real-Time Management with Alarm and Notifications

MAXGROW gives you the capabilities to monitor all  hardware functions among the growing facilities, including but not limited to, temperature, humidity, air circulation, soil and more. You can quickly adjust setting and planning strategies from your own mobile device. MAXGROW is also equipped to set alarms and send notifications to ensure facility environments operate and remain in the best condition.

Maximize Crops and Increase Revenue

MAXGROW cannabis app presets algorithms and provide precise production forecasts to maximize crop yield and revenue.

Maxgrow cannabis growing app for control

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