Cannabis LED Growing Lights

Cannabis lights feature the highest-grade 5054 ultra-high efficiency LED chip for +50,000 hours of bright natural PPF output. By using high-efficiency heatsinks, our lights prolong lumen depreciation and maintain intensity that is 15˚C lower in operating temperature.

The tailored spectrum optimizes high-yield and quality in different cannabis growing cycles and stages. Our lights have proven to produce 85%-120% more yields than traditional market leaders! You can also specify UV light spectrum upgrade capability for enhanced THC content and a better product. Better product means better value to your customers and better margins for you.

Installation and placement are easy thanks to the slide and light bars. Changing cycles? No problem. Agile, lightweight, our cannabis lights sets easy changing, maintenance, and upgrade.

And don’t forget our Wifi control with MAXGROW iOS and Android app.

Make sure the light’s right! Contact us.