Vegetation Light MC580VC

Best practices for cannabis plants entering the vegetative stage is 18 hours of light per day (a cycle referred to as 18/6). Some growers prefer plants as large as possible, keeping them under lighting for 24 hours per day. You can manipulate early stage lighting for better cannabis vegetation; more lighting for better growth and future yield.

Our MC580VC series of LED growing lights are designed specifically for cannabis vegetation stage, producing a lower 580 wattage, ideal for longer lighting cycles.


Light SourceLED
SpectrumFull Spectrum
Total Light Output PPF 1224 μmol/s
Total Light Output PPF *Boost Mode 1450 μmol/s
LED Chips5054 High power ultra high efficiency 3W LED
Efficacy2.55 μmol/J @ 277V AC
AC Input Power480W @ 277V AC
AC Input Power *Boost Mode 580W @ 277V AC
AC Input Voltage120-277V AC, 50/60Hz
Light Distribution120°
Mounting Height1" - 12" (2.5cm - 30.5cm) above canopy of a plant
Thermal ManagementPassive
Max. Ambient Temperature 95°F / 35°C
Dimming0-10V/PWM Source
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <10%
LifetimeLM80 L70:>50,000hrs
Ballast IP RatingIP65
CertificationsConform to UL 1598 Wet Location
Warranty3 Year Standard Warranty


Master Unit41.34" 1050mm47.00" 1194mm5.00" 127mm37.8 lbs. 17.15 kg
Master Ballast
41.34" 1050mm6.06" 154mm3.50" 88.9mm16.40 lbs. 7.35 kg
Slave Unit 47.00" 1194mm2.88" 73.15mm1.50" 38.1mm2.90 lbs. 1.30 kg

Top View

Side View

Nominal Electrical

AC Output

AC VOLTAGE120V208V230V277V
AC Current4.14 A 2.36 A 2.12 A 1.77 A
AC Power495W 486W483W480W
Power Factor
0.9970.991 0.990.98

Nominal Electrical AC Output (Beast Mode)*

AC VOLTAGE120V208V2.12 A 2.14 A
AC Current5.00 A 2.85 A 2.13 A 2.65 A
AC Power599W 588W484W580W
Power Factor
0.997 0.991 0.990.98

* At 77°F ambient temperature & with Tolerance ±10%

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